Saturday, 28 November 2009

I like this Eike!

"That's my profession too - to have a good life! Jah hahahaha!"

My friend, Mr. JP Brouard (+ Flickr) recommended this interview of Eike Koenig from Hort, and I just rolled with intrigue into this guys insight. One because it's incredibly inspiring & he really just get's it, and two, since being jaded myself by the culture of overindulgence of pride with the designers out there, this guy echoes my own hope for goodness-in-design + my own dream to pioneer & collaborate with the people in the creative realm who also really do get it - which my own radar will always anticipate. I want my creativity to be used to create change in our world, and it's starts with myself..

I said to JP, "Bro, I liiiike this Eike guy! I'm even laughing with him! Man, he's so positive and open - i like that. Every point he made got me. He's got it right.. he's loving building other people "how can i help this person to become someone who's standing in the world like this (confidently)" + he fully respects the trade "Graphic design is very powerful and you have to take care that you use it in the right way." We can use it for such great things eh. Sheeeesh, thank you for this gold mnr! This is how i wanna work with people."

Golden. Eike, designer & teacher @ + see another interview at Kspace.


Others designing for good: Greg & Janelle ".. two who partner with many." at We Have Worth.