Thursday, 29 October 2009

Africa on the Map

I love this Interactive Map of Africa (from the Katine: It Starts With A Village Project in Uganda) particularly because of it's gorgeous references of Flickr photography for each country on the continent. Enjoy.

The Katine Project is a beautiful thing that Amref and Farm Africa are working on, together with the Guardian, in the village of Katine,Uganda. They're investing themselves into developing Katine in it's education, health, water, governance and livelihoods, which is great because it will eventually "offer a unique insight into the world of international development".

And yummers! I love that you can take a Virtual Village Tour of Katine and the region, which is just wonderful.. AND 'Katine on Film' has a whole heap of fantastic footage of it's development, even: how they brought cinema to Katine.

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