Monday, 3 March 2008

Everyday here has been glorious.. and to quickly mention todays adventure.. we visited the Blue Mountains. Woo! Beautiful. The chasm we looked over into looked like the grandcanyon, only, covered in brocolli.. and tastier-looking. Nice.

So, it's the Album Recording this weekend. God's clearly doing awesome things by the lives that are being changed in this place.. if only you knew the stories.. and who knows how far these anthems will reach and pay-forward the Message we live for. I'm soo amped. And college is going great! The genuine people i'm meeting along the way have been way-more than a welcome blessing, of whom i can see how largely they'll outweigh anything else i'll learn out here. But o, the things we're learning in class & beyond.. woo! Great things.

Must sleep.

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