Friday, 1 February 2008

.. soo creative, i know.

I've just created a group on facespace, which i hesitated to do*, but, this is for you, and me.. to hear the latest word; hear where in the world i'm at, (which for the people i really care about, means heaps); and to start challenging the status quo in any ways we can.

* "The most difficult lie I ever contended with is this: Life is a story about me." -Don Miller

So, i've been in Sydney Australia for one whole month already, and right now, i've just enrolled for college and i start next week. Guys, i'm feeling so at home here. The last several days, and the people in them, have been fantastic, to say the very least - but nothing beats home, especially by being reminded of home with walking this town, every day, in my Jerusalem Creepers (visitors to Durban beachfront, you'll know what shoes i'm talking about). But they're seeing their last days now. Aargh. (I'm size 11).

I like to write. I do my very best to write and say a fair share of hello's. I fail regularly. But i love ya. Thanks for going with me. ry.

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Kev said...

Ryan Wynn!! How you doing bro? Havnt heard from you for ages!! Hows Joel Housten doing :-) Hillsong must be riping!! Drop me a line sumtym!!