Monday, 4 June 2007


A few weeks ago, instead of the Dominion Theatre, we had church at, get this.. the Royal Albert Hall! It was the final evening of a week-long conference. The CEO of the Royal Albert Hall, who happened to be a Christian fervently said, "Finally we're using this place for God!" So rad.

And so I thought about it.. this is just not normal!! To have the blessing of being able to use that place. If you understand the magnitude of that + the calibre of shows that have used the venue over the centuries.. you can't but help have the realisation come to you that God is doing stuff. Big stuff. Excellent stuff. He just needs the willing.

We're awakening.

So I found a seat quite close to the stage, and with the place being grand and circular, I was pretty-much facing the church/people, not the stage. Masses of people, thousands, worshipping God. I opened my eyes for a while and just looked at this snippet of heaven with eye-watering joy. It was just another illustration of Gods love and majesty.

And this last weekend, my family and I took a trip north to Cambridge, home to Cambridge University. What beauty.. and what an education! We were on our way up this narrow walkway near the riverside to lunch, when, oh my goodness, this old guy cycles&squeezes past us.. naked! Can you handle. (He was!) We couldn't believe it! His, you-know-hoo-ha, sitting so comfortably enjoying the view so many don't get to enjoy. Naturists. Hmm.

So the next hour held our excessive tears of laughter, and then some time after that we finally brought ourselves to eat. We realised that it must be some guy from The Strawberry Festival just 5mins walk up the road. The only music festival of it's kind for the year. Almost a Splashy Fen vibe but just a one day-er. Peace out man. The people were of vast uniqueness, to say the least. Otherwise, Cambridge is a beautiful place, and when you go there, it literally feels like time has been brought down to half-pace, in the almost, the most peaceful way. We topped the day with a Punt-ride on the river. Splendid.

So Marty Sampson (Hillsong Worship Leader) has written a some splendid songs. Go to his website. "Only when I lost myself, is when I found You." Marty Sampson - Let Love Rule, 'NYC'.

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Warwick said...

HA HA! been reading your blog from the beginning to end man. Dude, the naked dude on the bike! HA HA!! that must've been so darn funny.