Saturday, 12 May 2007

Word has it..

.. that I'm staying in Mother England a little longer. It looks like our God, our Provider, is wanting me to stick around here for a bit. The ultimate deciding factor was that I don't have the money yet to pack up and get to College in aus as planned. Which is totally rad cos He's providing in the way most suited to my path with Him.. but also totally sad that I'll be away from Home for longer (Home = my S.A bro's and sisters in Christ) And as I asked God for a life that takes Life as it goes, it's been rather flipn amusing! So let's pick it up a tad, a life for all of us, loving God, loving people, no holding back, always moving.


My heart was in the air and at melting point last night when I recieved your flash-flood of identical birthday sms's! Stokedness on high! I'm in love! In love with all the friends God has given me/us/you. United in Love. (Big up's to you Tammy Ballard! Nice move:: May 11 Orchestrator of the now-famous sms-attack method!)

Full on.

Pray for me? I've got an interview on Thursday this week at HTB for their Graphic Design position. So watch this space. I gotto go get up 'n adam, stick on a suit and get to a wedding in a minute (playing bongo's). Beautiful. Whoop whoop!

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