Tuesday, 27 March 2007

6am + me

I can’t remember the last time I had to wake up at 6am. This new job I started on Monday begs of me to rise at this dark hour, starting work at 7.30am. It’s a temp job and let’s just say, very, very easy. It goes for three weeks which is perfect for while I look for something more my vibe. But thanks to you chatting with God about me, (isn’t gossip wrong? I'll call it ‘Godssip’.) he has faithfully set up something while I carry on looking, praying and waiting on him. Actually, waiting on what he has already set up for me before the day I was even concieved!

So for the moment what an adventure! (dry laugh) It’s pretty much opening huge piles of letters and stamping them in a room with four lovely old ladies and two old men who are really all just the sweetest, and two cups of tea. No paper cuts yet. When I asked God for a great life-experience on this new journey, I could never have imagined this! But there is true joy chatting and having tea with these Greats. So onward and forward as I keep looking for something closer to what I want after these three weeks.

London has been brilliant. Such a vast array of people. Love that. The tubes are sweet, but walking it is such a vibe – especially in this weather we’re having. Sore soles guaranteed. I’ve been going into the city, when I have had a free chance, to look for design work and for church on Sundays. You gotta walk Oxford Street someday. Shops of monotony isn’t my thing, but in the nooks and crannies you’ll find some great&interesting places. Oh and one rad shop called urbanoutfitters has such a vintagemeetshighstreet vibe going on. Sad days though for those that think they have to look like those figtree girls on the website to be truly beautiful. (Time is short, don’t waste it by not absolutely embracing who you are and how beautiful you are Also, check out Ransomedheart, then check out 'Captivating' under the books section.) But I love design, so I appreciated the store. Designers, you guys might appreciate that I found The Mill around one corner. What a vibe!

So last Wednesday, I got myself to what they call, a ‘Connect Group’ and I’m going again this week. It was very cool. Just after dinner, the lights went out around the whole block so we did the whole thing by candelight! It was such a vibe! I was stoked. So ya, very cool group. A bit older than what I'm used to, but actually very good for me. Was quite refreshing to hear out and chat with the 'wiser ones'! They're so passionate, it’s infectious actually. The people at church have been awesome. Welcoming me and coming around me in true prayer has just been very real. As it has for a while, in my head, the Hillsong brand has fallen away more and more as I have begun to meet these other great Christian brothers and sisters face-on. The real deal; People who deal with what we all deal with. Live out what all Christians live out. Cos a brand doesn’t echo into eternity like the church will. I’ve just stumbled into a bit of an rad thought about going glam. But I also want to visit another church at the other end of oxford street called Holy Trinity Brompton – the church that started the Alpha course.

Ok, so I’m quickly gonna get outside to run and get some photography done in this afternoon sun. “Afternoon delight!” There’s this huge old tree on a scrumptious hillside just up the road I wanna catch. See ya. (Oh, and send me any photos of your adventures, from the mundane to the insane.. if I get a healthy bunch together, I may put up a wwwpage for all that jazz. Mail them to me at


Kev said...

Hey Ryan

Check out photos of Durban beach front on my blog at http://kevhill.blogspot.com

they are pretty overboard!!

Shot bro!!

Jo Bowden said...

Hello ry-ry.

Please write some more! It's so cool to keep up with the happenings of your days.


Storm said...

hey ry!
love reading yr stuff, especailly illuminated people!
it makes me feel that you're closer! Please write more though, if you can.
miss u

Kev said...

Hey bro!

Havnt heard from you in ages?? Wats up?!?

Chat soon!