Wednesday, 14 March 2007

242 Carpet Burns

So, yep, I'm still scratching at the slow-healing carpet burns I gained from my last 2forty2 night with you guys. Thank you for that. Glorious memories. Scars tell stories. So tonight, I'm thinking, "How did 2forty2 go? What did they do tonight? What did God do?" I wait in anticipation to hear your stories. Oh look, there's my email address on the right there. Or is it my left? Ah well, there it is! Email me if you can't find it. :) But guys, thankyou for keeping in touch. You're my home, no matter where I travel. Oh, there I go.. going deep. I tend to do that, you'll see.

Something I wrote down the other day, " It's not about where you go, where you end up; the new places, new people... It's whether or not you manage to be yourself when you're there."

That's in thoughts of the new things I'm doing. New church: new people. New job (when I find one): new people. They all totally don't know me. I could totally comprimise who I am in the little situations. People here don't know my strengths, my weaknesses, my giftings etc. And Satan is amped to break down everything God has built up. So I gotta watch out and pray against complacency. (Ooh, even a big word for me!) [ Brian Priceman's advice by the way. ]

Oh, and church was rad on Sunday. I love church. God's a genius!

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