Saturday, 10 March 2007

To Do

My to do list is growing and I’m growing too mellow because I’m feeling like James next to this Giant Peach. I think I’m feeling uninspired because I don’t know where to start! Where do I find a job? I've been looking for something in the creative industry vibe, but I also don’t mind doing anything else really. Well, it’s been hard to swallow that thought cos I love what I do, but when I think of my goal.. gees, anything to help me get there is worth it.

I went for a run in the area around my parents’ house. Oh the beauty of Spring’s beginnings! It’s weird cos it feels as cold as the Berg would in winter but it’s as sunny as any Springtime back home. Trees are budding.. may our dreams. So yes, there’s hope in my mind for favour towards this English England place! I've been told skipping brings you joy here in England Land.

Oh how I feel like a Zuluburger. Or a Johnny's Roti first. Then a Zuluburger.

Stoked. :) I head to London tomorrow to meet with a guy from Hillsong UK. I’m gonna ask him about where I can get hooked in, find a bible study, where I can help.. then I’ll be going to church in the evening too. Pretty amped to meet new people - and tell them about you. I'm so stoked God chilled for a day after the 6 universe making days before that. He must've simply, hung out. Just chilled with the heaven-beings. Full-on mellow vibes. I love Sundays. Have one.


Kev said...

Hey Ryann

Aaah Yes, Jonnys Roti's! theyre amazing (even tho, ur probably eating horse meat!!) Hey lemme know what Hillsong London is like...! It must be rad!!


JB said...

Hello ry-ry...
How was church and the meeting with the man? It's so cool to follow your adventures. Are there Tim Tams there?