Wednesday, 7 March 2007

In the air. On the ground.

I've arrived in England! Beautiful flight, lovely conversations. I sat next to a hefty northern african guy who had just been to SA for a 2week healing program. He had a severed spine from arthritis or something like that and was booked in for an operation back home in London which appeared a dangerous thing to go through. He heard about this program and being a Christian, just went for it, trusting in God. Long story short, he is friggn stoked now - God healed him.

Jaw on the floor, heart in the air.

Then I moved seats, never to see him again until that beautiful banquet Jesus is preparing for us, so that his wife could sit next to him. I then sat next to an old lady from PMB, named 'Floss', who's ex-husband just died. She was going to see her daughter in UK who became very close to him only recently. She was quite emotional, but I think for sure that it helped having a hyper 22year old chatting her up! She said something interesting later-on when she was talking about her patients (she's a psychologist) with regards to forgiveness..... "It's unfair to ask someone for forgiveness, cos then you're just transferring that weight onto that person when they don't deserve it." She continued mostly about the uncanny unfairness of it all. I was glued to this other angle that we don't get to see often.

So at Heathrow, I was asked to go for chest x-rays before I could pass in on my new Visa. Bit of a rash, but I felt better being 1 of about ten other south-africans having to do the same. I then went to meet my parents which was just refreshing. After some good chats, a cup of tea, minus TimTams, we headed to London, Covent Gardens to go to the theatre to see Mamma Mia after a good bowl of Spaghetti Bolognaisse at PizzaHut. I've never been a fan of Abba music, but flip it was funny. Good times.

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JB said...

Hello ry ry!

So stoked that you're safely there and already having a rad time! And so loving how you express yourself! Please keep writing on illuminated people! We missed you at 242 last night. Love, Jo

Kev said...

Hey bro!

Stokted your safely in england! Keep ripping!