Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Experiencing God

Wow! is the word for Reflex Youth Camp this last weekend. Brett Fish made the trip up from Cape Town to speak to us (and he’s doing so again for our Young Adults camp – whoop whoop!) In his ‘Thort for the week’ which everyone’s gotta subscribe to, he said,

“..absolutely incredible - blown away by watching God work in those young (and at times small) kids' lives - repeated the 'Listening to God' workshop we did at Summer Camp and saw God blow people away by His intervention and speaking into their lives and just trusting big time that the fruit of this weekend will be seen for ever... please pray that God will continue the work He has begun there - wow!” Ditto to that - lets keep praying.

The 'Listening to God' session just blew my face off!! And as I told the group I was blessed to be in, I actually was on my way to the beach, when I said to the guys, “hey, I’m turning back.” So I got there just in time and joined a splendid group and went on for hours. I did not expect God to do what he did. Silly me. He's faithful beyond my dreams. He blew open my box.

"God is bigger than my box, He's bigger than my theology, He's bigger than my understanding.. He's bigger than me." Brett Fish

Ah, you gotta try Ultimate Frisbee – nice win, team. :)


Achita.. myspace.com/achita said...

ah wow..your other blogs r pretty darn amazing! i do like ur new much-used catchphrase too.
yay, camp was too too good..so glad listening to God made sense 2 you and did stuff in ur heart! Laura and i have decided to do this idea often-like set time aside before youth or watever..trying to live BIG for God through it..
oh b4 i 4get! immanuel's fiance jst phoned me the other day to say hi to us-how cool is that sustained friendship hey? bye now

Kev said...

hey ryan...how you...
wow...rad blog, yes blogger is so much better than MySpace,,,hey check mine out @ http://kevhill.blogspot.com anyway, lemme know when u get 2 london , and are all setlled in and everything!

JB said...

jlbowdenHello Ry-ry...

I just found illuminated people. Oh my. I just sat and read the whole entire thing. Please don't stop the thought-sharing... oh, and I know EXACTLY what you mean about the snails! Rainy nights at Augusta are dangerous events for frog life, crabs and snails. I stop Pearl and rescue them to safety. Are you there yet? (Hope you got the double meaning!)

Love, Jo

Jacqui said...

hey ry :)

man gana miss u bud!!
it was so refreshing to read your blog, made my heart smile :)
glad u arrived there safely and all that...
look forward to more awesome blogs :)
keep well my friend.. and njoy the adventure!

much love from ur sis jacks :)