Thursday, 22 February 2007


So on this wet, movie-weather night, no snails died. I've lost count how many snails I've squashed coming home after hanging out. I mean, heck, even if I see an ant, I'll make sure I stretch my step an extra ant-metre so that I don't ignorantly destroy it's progressing existence. [ Ooh, I caught a beautiful thought the other night about ants from a guy that just gave me chickenskin when he said it! I think I'll throw it out there on Illuminated People. ] So it hurts me just as much, everytime I stand on one. But tonight, we're all home safe!

On the way to Noodsberg this last Sunday with my friends, Laura, Megs, Achita and Steve, a Disney song or two made themselves known throughout the cavity of my Blacksheep (my beautiful black TT - Toyota Tazz). We all knew exactly what we had to do. We had to do a 'Re-visit a Disney Flik' night.. plus TimTams. So the girls organised and it went just loverly tonight. I got stoked remembering the good Disney days. Thank you girls. It's awesome that you guys said we'd do it and we actually did it. It's becoming rare.

Ooh, a God-moment: the part in Lion King where Simbachip's father speaks to him from the clouds, "Remember who you are. You are my son." Oh how we love James Earl Jones' cloudy grumbly father voice! So maybe today, remember who you are.

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