Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Jet Plane

Personally, I hate it when someone I love, leaves. But it's awesome when they go for big reasons, huh? It's the weirdest thing. I'm so keen for this new adventure, but it's kinda sore to be leaving. It feels like I'm cutting off relationships, but like David Layzell said to me.... (unfinished thought).

So this is the mellow blog. It's just the right thing to keep you posted (if you're interested) on my adventures and stories. Something a bit more than MySpaceisyourspace?


Ian said...

GO RYAN!!!!! WOOOHOOO. WOOHOO. Yeah bro, when you finally do read this i love your blogs bro. I found the light.................. Yeah bro. Rock on... that sounds a bit lame, but anyweay. Cool. Igloo

KEZ* said...

hey RYry!
love your blog. let me know if you get my email!
take care and enjoy SKIPPING!!!!
woop woop!
love kerri (smith)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Ry

We're waiting in anticipation for the next installment?