Monday, 18 June 2007

+ one

I had a surprising pouring-out-of-my-heart moment today, to someone at work. After she asked me how my weekend was (great, thanks), and still smelling my fresh print-outs, I responded in saying, that I reckon, that we should have 3-day weekends. Society needs it. Before asking her to hear me out, I just rambled on, and can I add, a bit more fluently than I usually do. (I write better than I talk. For Now.) "Cos with the world progressing and demanding more and more from people; people having sleepless nights cos of stress at work; the mounting nervous breakdowns that come with that; the family breakdowns; and blah, we should just 'progress' to working less! Whatya think?" I asking her smiling.

She just said, "You've obviously thought about this alot?"

"Once or twice." I said, retreating.

I laughed at myself. Gotta love it. Passion is in us, nearer and more real [and more useful] than we think. And this was a petty subject! But we've got it. And we're ready. More than we know.

Have a listen to Greg Boyd (Christos Victor, week 431), at Mars Hill. Ya he get's amped for sure, but he has an eye-opener to why Jesus came here to get onto the cross, and a whole lot more. And it's not a new thought. Mars Hill Bible Church is something I wanna say, watch this space. Listen to their messages as much as you can. Learn. Apply.

And always, always take any anthem you stumble across, to church, to your world.

I'm looking forward to my day off on friday!
(For an interview. At HTB. Again. Yay.)


Shaz said...

hey Ryan : ) Hope you're well and having a good time. I've been reading your blog. It's cool!

Justin and Tamarin said...

3 day weekend's....i agree fully...
We took one this week got Monday off. Nothing like avoiding the pressure of capatilism whilst enjoying the freedom it brings. Nice little juxtaposition that...