Saturday, 15 March 2008

where the streets have no name

I've never sweated like this before. I just got back from Street Teams which was awesome!!! Oh yah, you must be informed, so Street Teams is one of my favourite things about church where we simply just go out to bless & encourage people in the community. They get puzzled that we're not wanting their money or knocking on the doors to work at being sure we're safe for the next life. The things we did today just got people so stoked cos it is just that simple: random acts of kindess with the only motive being that we love Jesus. If they never ask why we're there, then they're still being blessed. Woo! I love it!!!

And tonight some schweeeet friends are coming over to our house (which is the type of thing i really appreciate cos it really is out of the way) just to chill, and eat what ever we can get together.. and yes, we have a foosball table, pingpong and wii, but oh how i wish we had a pool, and the money for food!

So.. where is this blog going? I have no clue. Ha! Right now, it's here for you to hear the latest word; hear where in the world i'm at; and to start challenging the status quo in any ways we can... but i think we can all do something more with what's in our hands already.. hmm.. so let's see what happens.

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