Monday, 19 November 2007

A conversation here, a conversation there.

I haven't written in a while, so to get back 'into it', i'll just throw in a snippet from my day in the form of a short note i wrote to a friend earlier on - with some crossing of the t's and dotting of the i's, for your skim-reading pleasure! Secondly, very soon i'll be posting something of a 'reaching-out-to-you ' movement, so please be sure to visit here soon!

" does your church have a website bro? I love following/keeping up with churches that way. Oh ja, to answer your questions, i dig what Moby says, "I read the New Testament, specifically the gospels and I was struck at their divinity, feeling that humans could not have figured this out on their own. We're just not bright enough." I've also thought similarly before. I'd submit that nobody could've just 'come up' with Jesus; and, for me, God being here in the FLESH = almost inconceivable.. but not.. you know? Amazing.

And what do i think when i hear the word, church or christian? Well,
You are the Church. I am the Church. Be the Church.

I'm so stoked Moby is a Christian. I'm looking 'into' what he's all about right now. And ooh, i digggg this [film + this] moment: "shaawiiiiiiiing!" & you just gotta love this. "

I better get back to some work. Woohoo!

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