Thursday, 13 September 2007

As it goes..

I sit really badly at my computer. Any computer. I just cannot get comfortable. I cannot get it right. Maybe I should be climbing mountains and doing pilates in-between takes, or something far out, but for now and for life as i know it and like it, writing, designing and composing on the tool of our time is where it's at for me. So if you're thinking about sponsoring me for next year, I might have to ask you for your help towards the physio instead! Haha. Just kidding.

So I know I haven't posted for a while, and that's precisely because there's been so much happening. And to account for it is far less important than living it out. But honestly, I have a passion for writing and so the constant urges I have to get myself to a keyboard never weaken.

I would like a type-writer one day. There's something about that I like very much, actually.

Great things have been happening all around. Last night Kobus Visagie was at Powerhouse (george loves you too) - and ja, it's the first time an afrikaans-accented speaker has given me goosebumps. Yay. I been waiting for that day! Beautiful things/moments do that to me. He's solid. He's right on. And so, he's over here for the world cup of course, and what an awesome time we had. This ausie guy Andy also spoke, and full-on opened my eyes to something very very good: Red Frogs. This is big. And it's just started in South Africa as well. And I'm throwing myself into it too. No doubt about it, this is an awesome thing they've got going, and how it all started 10 years ago is what really got my attention.

My holiday was superb. And I've just started freelancing, which for a lack of better words is, very exciting.

So I have some other thoughts that I will try to pen soon and maybe even get back to IP - a lovely thing. I'd love to post more often with more detail, but I'm kinda on the same road with joshua longbrake with what he said the other day, "Blogs are good mediums for creativity, but I refuse to miss out on experiencing life and being with people because of the pressure to blog. I know people who miss out on so much because they continually feel the need to be blogging, and I don’t want to be like that."

So yeah, I’m sorry, but not really.
Thanks for going with me. Almost there.

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