Thursday, 7 May 2009

In the bag

These are my two long-time companions of late.. brilliant reads by the great C.S. Lewis & Elizabeth Gilbert that always make it into my bag (one of which you can read online.)

I've been reading, thinking and absorbing a lot more since being here in Brazil, not writing as much, and I've enjoyed that for the moment. I've also been digging deeper creatively, & doing some designing, which has been fantastic. I took some pictures too, yet since then, my pocket camera gave up on me just after these were taken. Figures. I'll buy some film again for my more favoured and trustworthy Yashica, which does some loverly things. Ahh, I just pulled it out for old-times sake.. smells classic.

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Anonymous said...

Glad my dad's classic bit of kit is still working well and your enjoying it Chris :0)