Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Two Double Oh Nine

.. or Two Double Oh Shine, as my friend jp says. He's got it right.

So we just got back from the most fantastic road trip from the Gold Coast back to Sydney. I wasn't as hardcore as the others - i jumped on webjet, flew up and met them there, but did the miles back, from camping in no-camping zones near Surfers Paradise (nice); to preparing our meals of beans&bread on the footpath; to getting a flat tyre in Byron Bay* and choosing to take a nap just because we were 'over it'; to staying for two days with the couple who helped us out of that (free b&b pretty much, amazing r&r); to bathing in the hippy (& nudist, to our surprise) highly acclaimed Tea-Tree Lake near Byron + covering ourselves with the therapeutic mud that the lake provided; all the way to celebrating New Years Eve on Bondi Beach with my two dear Brazilians, our two Danish-ians**, a Welsh girl named Esther, and a Dani + a Jess from who-knows-everywhere (nice girls), all the while having the nicest time, meeting & being with the greatest people from around the world.. and still, it goes on.

(Oh and two more beautiful discoveries: Annika's Family + Açaí pr. Ah-sigh-ee, the most beautiful thing Brazil has given to the world. Find it. Try it.)

Rajão & I saw Morcheeba on Sunday at the 'Days Like This' festival.. which was glorious! Rajão shouted the tickets (in fact he shouted everything while i was living with him, knowing i've got like $20 to my name.. so he's been amazing), so yeah, where was i, oh yeah, the tickets.. which we walked the whole frikn city for the previous day - it was worth it. He found a Ghandi Doll too, his prize. So yeah, great days. Please tell me you've heard this:

*Click on the link and view gallery.
**Danish-ians? What would we call you, Patricia!? Danes?

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Anonymous said...

oh my the roadtrip sounds amazing! i wanted to do it too (gold coast byron bay..), but didn't get a chance! maannn you're a good writer!