Saturday, 8 November 2008

on design

I'm wanting to up my output with designing. Considering the way we can work these days, no matter where you are in the world, we can work together. It's amazing! And I just love it. I just recently finished my first project for Fresh Aesthetics - they work with designers and clients all over the world, and I look forward to doing many more works for them, wherever I go.

In between dreams of being and doing this thing called the church wholeheartedly.. I dream of the coffee shop and/or the park across the road being my 'office', with strong hopes of one day doing so with one of these
*, soaking in the creativity and freedom of friends, writing our stories together, changing the world.

My hope, as good ol' Paul did with his tent-making, is to use this skill I have to 'make it through', haha,
and some. I want to be empowered, to empower others. Anyone with a vision & a cause, big or small, also knows very well that to get going, you need the financial help. So I'm hands down and working on two things: Design + Photography.

I'm also hoping to find someone who can help me put together my concept for a new website (stay posted) for these things. In time, I hope you'll see an array of work from a guy that you'd like to support and be supported in.

In the meantime, dream, with substance. And drink tea.

* Also, if you know of anyone not using their
Canon EOS 400D SLR, or beyond.. you know what to do!


shelly said...

ryan....i dig it. many much! using creativity to empower people and share vision, etc. good stuff. can't wait to see all the things you create! you better keep me posted! :0)

Ryan Scott Wynn said...

thanks shelly!