Wednesday, 15 October 2008


A second ago I just couldn't help but let out an out loud "Ooh!" when I clicked on this:

May you discover. May you jump in.
An out loud "Ooh!" of wonderment is simply, not enough.


Next week, the Passion World Tour comes to Sydney. I think, by the end of it, they will have been to something like 17 countries, one being South Africa just recently. (Yes, I know how it feels, you want to visit so much it hurts, some will even set up camp there, but just so you know, once i return, my couch will always be ready for you - of course yes, for no mula*, just come be friends. And if you find me one of these, no question about it, i'll take the couch! And/or if you do this, i like you already.)

So we've got ten tickets for a bunch of us, and we wanna go there and draw from the Passion Team, and more so, draw from God in ways that will be more than just a worship experience, but draw from his heart for the vulnerable and the poor, for the lost, and the found.

We've come here from all over the world to learn what it's really all about, and I believe we are. While we friends are all finishing our [first] year here, and while some of us have new steps to take, we are seeing great things, and doing even greater things, knowing that we're all in this together, where ever we are.

Here's a great moment: Bono taking ground.

* 'Mula' is Zulu for 'Money', if you needed to know.

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