Monday, 24 March 2008

home really is where the heart is

These weeks have been fantastic as life has been unfolding amongst my friends and i. It’s incredible, since arriving, it’s like God had the sweetest plan to bring the right people around each other, the people who are to be family to each other.. and I’m learning more and more about this, or rather, I’m learning more and more in all this. We’re in it right now! This is it! Life is happening!

The surprising authenticity all around me is exactly the type of thing that pulls on my heart-strings. All along the way, I'm so stoked to be having these authentic moments + conversations.

Easter was off the charts! After the Parachute Band blowing us away and into looking upwards, Guy Sebastian, the dude who won Australian Idol and who is in our church lead the evening in the sweeeetest soul/r&b vibe.. he looks like a young Stevie Wonder, who i love, and maybe a little cape-malay looking.. Cape Town would LOVE him actually! It was awesome! I wish I had more space to dance.. the place was packed!

So, Easter, to me is the most important time of the year.. but one thing kept bugging me, was how much I wanted to be home with my family. Some of them are all together for the first time in a long time, over there in the u.k, and some are chilling together back in s.a. I just realised how alive the design of family is, and how during a family holiday like this, I am over the seas and faraway from all that. But, today and over the last week, I've celebrated with new family. And more and more, my heart is at home with them, these crazy people, my friends.. i'm feeling surprisingly at home every day. So we hung out together today and soaked up the inescapable beauty & majesty of this place, just up the road, called The Blue Mountains. And God was realised all day. These words said it all for me today.

Secondly, or thirdly: I’m walking somewhere new and exciting since that momentous day (yes, you can click that word 'momentous' ooh, and see what i'm talking about.)

Ooh, I kid you not, make sure you look out for ‘Glory Is Here’ by Michael Gungor. (Just throwing it out there!)

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