Tuesday, 11 December 2007

THE NEW NEWS: Flying to 2008!

So it's official! I managed to raise and save just enough.. and so the news is, I fly to Australia at the end of the month!!! Woohooo!! I leave on the 30th December in fact! So i'll be celebrating New Years Eve on the plane! Cool and weird at the same time. So i set foot in Sydney Land on the 1st Jan 2008.. can't believe it's all happening! :) Gonna love it!

[And hey, thanks to everyone for being so cool and for going with me, and for those who gave towards helping me get there.. you know who you are. How awesome it's been. I could still do with help for sure, so keep/be in touch. Would be good to hear from you! Woohoo!]


AntZ said...

Well well my boy.... you worked hard.... pretty stocked for you

JP.Brouard said...

GET OUT...GET OUT. So beside myself it's scary. Yes yesyesyes. Ah and the adventure begins. Why didn't you sms me about this you chopwolly?

Shaz said...

This is awesome news! So happy for you. Have a great New Year!